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Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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Yello - Songtexte

Baby - Album

Jungle Bill

The moon is a drop in a black hole

The sun is a hell of a light

But nobody's blue is brighter

Than the blue in my baby tonight

A man is a snake in the autumn

Maybe dew [Baby-do] is making him wretch

Oh man was it dark in the jungle

His heart is an empty fretch [thretch?]

A man is a duck in the jungle

Who's lost in the big bamboo

Snake jumps out of the fire

And it's cryin' [goin'] for baby-do

The moon is a drop in a black hole

The sun was a hell of a light

Oh man I'm gonna have my ice cold

Baby-do is out of sight

I'm in danger

In your jungle

I'm a stranger

Land of Mambo

Cause what you do

Must be voodoo

I'm in danger

Oh baby-do

[repeat all and chorus]

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