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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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Yello - Songtexte

Baby - Album


My ladies, please come closer, my name is Random Tox.

I have the great honor and pleasure to present to you Turnex

The son of Durex, the blender for the next milennium.

This is a revolution for your kitchen.

Smashed potatos, sliced tomatos, apple juice, blueberry, raspberry, cherries and peaches in a fraction of a second!

Turnex, the son of Durex

The only blender which can be turned into the most powerful vacuum cleaner!

Blenders for sale

And I am selling to girls

They always know who I am, what I do

She gave me no wink

Just a smile of her hips

And a sip of my glass

And let's go

She looked in my eyes

No need for this ride

She's a queen

She's pristine

And a slave

With a smile of her hips

She was changing my life

We are heading downtown in her car

Her ride is too smooth

No line [light?] for a stop

My blenders are flying too far

She looked in my eyes

No mate [not made] for this ride

She's Christine

She's sixteen

I'm her slave

She is calling me Jake

She keeps me awake

Oh boy I was ready to go

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