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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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TRU (C Murder) - Songtexte

Tru 2 Da Game - Album

Torcher Chamber


Monster: Welcome to our house the only one on the block with its very

own Torcher Chamber....

[C Murder]

I ain't scared to die

so welcome to my muthafuckin torcher chamber

disrespect my crew bitch you in danger

C Murder who I be TRU is my click

My minds on killin but in the process T'm gettin rich

ain't got no time for no niggaz that be stuntin

cause my mind gone

I'm workin with a little bit of nothin

niggaz wanna know,"Why they call you C-Murder?"

cause I don did more shit the average nigga never heard of

since I lost my brother

I'm always ready to shoot up

they say I went crazy ever since I tooed up

they say I went to jail I got that TRU up on my stomach

on my back and my arm, cause niggaz ain't funny

cause I'm No Limit for life

A motherfuckin soldier

this will be your last dance

I tried I told ya

flippin quarters to ones

and ounces to quarter keys

[cause niggaz from the south stack G's]

1-8-7 always on my mind, to you playa haters

fuck y'all, No Limit ain't hard to find

like I said before, you fools can't get me

a lot of niggaz scared to stand in the same room wit me

so don't fuck wit me unless you trying your fuckin wig split

C-Murder don't take no bullshit

Chorus: I ain't scared to die

so welcome to my chamber

kill em all [Boom]

your life is in danger



They label me an outkast

so an outkast what the fuck I be

specialize in homicides

and slangin "D"

cause every muthafucking thing I do, is drug related

nigga what you ain't got my money

I sure hate it

Be get that tey

It's time to pull a hard card

I'm like the devil, shootin niggaz make my dick hard

ridin on his set

I'ma catch him slippin

C-Murder like to see a nigga blood drippin

man make the money

but money don't make the man

Rest in peace nigga

this will be your last dance

cause fuckin wit my crew,

is like pissin on my set,

I man don't whoop ass,

the poke gon break your neck,

and if that don't stop ya

Serv gon rock ya

"P" gon pop ya

and silkk gon shock ya

cause once nigga, always a nigga

don't get no harder than me

cause when I kill ya, they won't find ya

so bitch don't fuck wit "C"

nigga break yourself

you heard what I said

two attempts on my life

muthafuckas want me dead

but I ain't paranoid cause I can't be stopped

sittin on half a key

and I'm still slangin rocks

cause I'm from the projects,where murder rates rise

but I'm still gettin paid

cause I ain't scared to die, slangin 24-7

my life is in danger

welcome to the torcher chamber

Chorus: (4x)

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