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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Tamyra Gray - Songtexte

The Dreamer - Album

U've Only Got 1

Here's a story that I wanna tell

Bout a guy I used to know so well

Who lived his life so carelessly

The most popular boy in school

Who would've thought he'd fall the victim too

When his future seemed so promising

Some say he came from the perfect home

A family with money

There was love like I have never known

He let the shadows pour through his heart

Poisoned his veins he got lost

Now he's runnin

You know u've only got


1 life, 1 life 2 live

U've got 2 wake up

B4 u miss out on it

U've only got 1 chance

1 chance to be

And that's all u've got 2

Fulfill ur destiny

U've got 2 love urself

Love urself

Love urself

There was this friend of mine

She lived a really lonely life

She never thought she was good enough

Such a beautiful silhouette

But I'm ugly is what she said

She didn't know the value of her worth

Some say her father's the one to blame

He loved her in ways she never told

Little girls should never know

She ran away just to save her soul

Escape from the painful memories

She's still runnin

U know u've only got 1


No one can have a perfect life

2 live u have 2 survive

U gotta take the good with the bad

And the bitter with the sweet

Life can be so sweet

But first u gotta find the peace

Ur inner joy is yours alone

But first u've got 2 love urself


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