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Tuesday, 22 May 2018
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Diesen Artist zu Meine Lieblingsartisten hinzuf¬łgen - Artist zu Meine Lieblingsartisten hinzuf¬łgen

Take On Me (Eiml Bulls  ) 
Take On Me (Emil Bulls  ) 
Take On Me (cover Of A Ha) (Reel Big Fish  ) 
Take On The World (Judas Priest  ) 
Take On The World (George Baker  ) 
Take Our Cars Now (Saves The Day  ) 
Take Our Time (TLC  ) 
Take Out Some Insurance (Jimmy Reed  ) 
Take Out Some Insurance (J.J. Cale  ) 
Take Out The Crime (Accept  ) 
Take Out The Trash (They Might Be Giant  ) 
Take Pills (Cex  ) 
Taker Not A Giver (Northstar  ) 
Takes 2 To Dynamic Duo [alpha Nummer 67] (100 Proof (Aged In Soul)  ) 
Takes A Little Time (Amy Grant  ) 
Takes A Little Time (Ferron  ) 
Takes A Lot To Rock You (Dwight Yoakam  ) 
Takes A Toll (Bellwether  ) 
Takes A Woman To Know (No Angels  ) 
Takes More Than Distance (Days Of Worth  ) 
Take Some More (And One  ) 
Take Some Petrol Darling (The Sugarcubes  ) 
Take Stuff From Work (King Missile  ) 
Take, Take, Take (The White Stripes  ) 
Take That & Party (Take That  ) 
Take That Look Off Your Face (Andrew Lloyd Webber  ) 
Take That Ride (Emmylou Harris  ) 
Take That Situation (Nick Heyward  ) 
Take The Addiction (W.A.S.P.  ) 
Take The Bench (Sloan  ) 
Take The Black (Hammerfall  ) 
Take The Box (Amy Winehouse  ) 
Take The Crown (Axel Rudi Pell  ) 
Take The Devil In Me (Leaves' Eyes  ) 
Take The Fifth (Spoon  ) 
Take The Floor (Go:Audio  ) 
Take The Glory (Badly Drawn Boy  ) 
Take The Hate (Godhead  ) 
Take The Highway (Marshall Tucker Band  ) 
Take Their Lives (Kreator  ) 
Take The Key (All Saints  ) 
Take The Keys To My Heart (Garth Brooks  ) 
Take The Long Road And Walk It (The Music  ) 
Take The Long Way Home (Supertramp  ) 
Take The Long Way Home (The Bloodhound Gang  ) 
Take The Low Road (Crisis  ) 
Take Them 5 (Juvenile  ) 
Take The Money And Run (Steve Miller Band  ) 
Take The Money And Run (Steve Miller  ) 
Take Them On, On Your Own (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  ) 
Take The Pain (Cliteater  ) 

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