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Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Take It Like A Man (Samson  ) 
Take It Like A Woman (Alice Cooper  ) 
Take It Like A Woman (Debby Boone  ) 
Take It Off (Kiss  ) 
Take It Off (Busta Rhymes  ) 
Take It Off (De La Soul  ) 
Take It Off (L.L. Cool J  ) 
Take It Off (The Donnas  ) 
Take It Off (Andrew W.K.  ) 
Take It Off (Omarion  ) 
Take It Off Of My Shoulders (The Guess Who  ) 
Take It On Faith (Joshua Kadison  ) 
Take It On The Run (REO Speedwagon  ) 
Take It On The Run (Me First And The Gimme Gimmes  ) 
Take It Or Leave (Millencolin  ) 
Take It Or Leave It (The Rolling Stones  ) 
Take It Or Leave It (Millencolin  ) 
Take It Or Leave It (Dropkick Murphys  ) 
Take It Or Leave It (Prism  ) 
Take It Or Leave It (The Strokes  ) 
Take It Or Leave It (Jet  ) 
Take It Or Leave It (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy  ) 
Take It Or Leave It (Sneaker Pimps  ) 
Take It Out On Me (Cowboy Mouth  ) 
Take It Out On Me (Bullet For My Valentine  ) 
Take It Outside (Barenaked Ladies  ) 
Take It Personal (GangStarr  ) 
Take It Personal (Pro-Pain  ) 
Take It Shake It (Sugar  ) 
Take It Slow (Epic Voices  ) 
Take It Slow (Machine Gun Fellatio  ) 
Take It Slow (O'Ryan  ) 
Take It Slow (Eugene Church & The Fellows  ) 
Take It Slow (featuring Los Vegaz) (Ying Yang Twins  ) 
Take It Slow Out In The Country (Wink Martindale  ) 
Take It To Da House (Trick Daddy  ) 
Take It To Manhattan (Straylight Run  ) 
Take It To The Bridge (Crazy Town  ) 
Take It To The Floor (B2K  ) 
Take It To The Guns (Karen O'Donovan  ) 
Take It To The Limit (The Eagles  ) 
Take It To The Limit (Helloween  ) 
Take It To The Limit (Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings  ) 
Take It To The Limit (featuring Mick Mars) (Willie Nelson featuring Waylon Jennings  ) 
Take It To The Root (Soul Asylum  ) 
Take It To The Sky (Earth, Wind & Fire  ) 
Take It To The Streets (Keith Murray  ) 
Take It To The Streetz (Magic  ) 
Take It To The Top (Peter Andre  ) 
Take It To The Top (U-God  ) 
Take It To The Top (Featuring 50 Cent) (Teddy Wilson With Billie Holiday  ) 

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