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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Sprout - Songtexte

Smallish Sprout - Album

Qt Trombone Me!

QT, QT trombone me!

For I want to be in your film!

Oh yes oh yes

with your smile and you chest

I want to be in you film

With Uma the puma and QT

We want to have the world

In our hands, loving plans

QT QT trombone me!

Cat and Nia

the do rock.

Uma uma uma

The sprouts loving pouts,

Would gain them parts in QT's films

Violent schmilent!

All we wanna do is love the sprouts.

Love for QT and Uma will shine

like a beacon in the mine

A beacon of hope and beacon of light

Now QT, stop starting fights!

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