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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Saukrates - Songtexte

Brickhouse EP - Album

P's & Q's


Captiol Hill yeah


Ain't nobody with the skills we got

Putting shit together just to form another plot

Better be on your P's and Q's

Here's a message from me to you bloow

Ain't nobody with the skills we got

Always putting shit together just to form another plot

Better be on your P's and Q's

Here's a message from me to you bloow

Verse 1:

I break you off a little something

There ain't no reason to be frontin'

He sat with a cold blunt in hand, other nothing

Pick up my pen, begin

To let my mind bend again

Rush with thoughts, bust, discuss how I'm finishing

Cleaning niggas off, you just a pig who need a bigger trough

While I chill on the land of the lore

With your raps sound soft

Beats never coming off

How you feel? I know you thought you were reeeaall

Losing you skill, what's the deal?

Peeling caps on you record

Interludes on some y'all ain't even seen real steal

Imagine if you will kid, getting ill on a record

Making dough, but it's your own shit still

Now's time to play big Will nigga

After you learn how to play the field, rocking the act vigor

Trigger in you clutches

Remembering the time you thought of doing niggas

Spoke about the dutches

New style every month from Tony Touches

You capitalize on franchise type of shit

Generic in your eyes

No name brand the same

But can't even do it like the orginal Fame

Get that ass out the game

Nigga, what!


Honey! Where do you think you're going with my money?

Broke you off last week, Yo!

Girl listen funny, you thinking you're runnin'

On some different type shit

But your position at present could get your wig split

Baby, what!

I know we cool like that because, we known each other for years

And all the time we was on the same level

But you turned up the treble

Not me I became a hip-hop MC

On the other hand, babee

You think of profiling as an acuvision (?)

Last year was a different situation

Hanging out with the niggas, when you were in need to kick back

Smoking BDs, mixing hash with weed

Denim and army fatigues

You were never afraid to put degrees on a nigga who slapped up ya seat

Now you're chilling with some type Johnny G type of cat

Put you up in the crib

Now you think you're all that

Fly DKNY, Versace panties on your ass

But, your son's looking like crass and tripping up in class

Correct that bullshit, fast!

And quit coming around my niggas begging for cash

That's you boyfriend's task

I heard he 'tacked you up really bad the other day

'Cause I can hear your seed screaming, running my way

Time to talk to that fool, cause my sons don't play

Ah, honey, next time you change, don't stray

You hear me?


Ain't nobody, skills we got,

Ain't nobody, Saukrates y'all

Better be on your P's and Q's

Here's a message from me to you, bloow

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