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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Royal Hunt - Songtexte

Paper Blood - Album

Season's Change

Images of winter gently move fallen, golden leaves.

Sun is hiding far behind the roof, knowing what it means

Days are getting shorter, I can see chilling tears of fall

Running down for you and leaving me

Out here in the cold

Since you left whatever I would do - nothing comes out right

I'm fighting through another lonely day, another sleepless night.

Dreaming 'bout wings to fly away, but as I was told

Brokenhearted can't, they're cursed to stay

Out here in the cold

This change of a season is over and done

Won't look for a reason... just sad that you're gone

Every single word you've ever said is ringing in my ears,

Making me remember what I had,

This burning trail of tears leading me away, into the night...

Closer to my fall.

Season's changing, turning off the light

Out here in the cold

Disappearing very slow - this line of footsteps in the snow...

Spirit of my better day's living on the edge

Be it so and let it be... 'coz as far as I can see

There's no way to escape this season's change.

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