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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Royal Hunt - Songtexte

Eye Witness - Album

Burning The Sun

Empires were built through the centuries drones

on somebodys flesh and on somebodys bones

Creating our needs while dumping what's left -

now nature's dying, it's choking to death

Tell me for how long

We're burning the sun, we'll tear down the mountain

and drink out the river 'til river'll run dry

We'll shoot at the stars, or torture the ocean

'til Earth will stop breathing and wind wouldn't fly

We've buried ourselves by building a tower

to climb up to heaven - we're falling to hell

We're burning the sun, we'll tear down this mountain

and drink out the river until the river runs dry

As we're gaining strength - the world's getting week

We're blowing away the remains as we speak

Another decade, we're pushing some more

Destroying the walls while we're closing the door

When the forest turns to desert, when the river turns to mud,

When the air becomes a treasure - who allowed to tear it all apart?

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