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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Obscure Disorder - Songtexte

Lyrically Exposed 12" - Album

Lyrically Exposed (part One)



Yeah yeah huh

Yeah yeah Logik O.D. representative

Obscure Disorder Lyrically Exposed


Let me grab the tools and drop jewels like a knocked out gold tooth

Never theoretics I'm spitting out proof

Of obscure clicks coming through all of these masses

Bouncing off the air waves call me radioactive

My actions penetrate minds like psychotherapists

I freak my syllables, then I'm psycho the rapist

Take this because I strip your memory banks like amnesia

I make this shit go off, call me milk of magnesia

I stand like the mic and remain on the scene

I bust like masturbation, dehydrate all your wet dreams

Of freaking the funk, and any of your BS thought

Like a mini-series, I sent that ass back into parts (and hearts)

MCs are getting shattered like lenses

Your ends is spent, decode the benz

Now Duke where your friends at

Black you caught up like LL is getting hot

Fuck the player status, you keep falling like mug shot


"Lyrically I'm supposed to represent" <-- Notorious B.I.G.


Ayo, Science

Why don't you verbalize kid

Lyrically exposed, disclosed, there wasn't ghost(?) in my genetics

Live wire aesthics, I'm licking shots like diabetics

I enter systems, you could disturb this like an embryo

'Til water broke, A-Trak provides the cuts like ambilical

HA! More flows than sweat pores

Even before the premature score, your entire produciton's put off like


Your demo's paused, I enter the mix like an ingredient

Posionous, if convient, anonymous remains the culprit

Obscure the associates, opponents show their component status

But until they attack us, I withhold my fluids like cactuses

Sicker than mononucleosis, who be the host of this

On a case like evidence, mic's heated to solar Celsius

Your sentences, repetitive like redial

Best keep secretative, Dave One produces more live shit than laxatives

Hyper clappers put in more sedative, they activate predictable

Rappers are like we bought a radio, steroeotypical




Bust this, my state of mind is steadily folding like paper

Roots out on blind dates, seek her digits

To find out it's unlisted, Eclipse's scriptures

Never wonder, enter for the facts of the fiction because it's a fixture

Seperate fake niggas because we contracting like seizure

Now take a hit, inhale the cess to refuel my system

My third eye opens, spotting my people like dalmations

On anyone nigga, hit one field running formation

To strip you naked of your fronting

Committing sins of fornication

See you stuck in a door,

thoughts imprisioned like nuts inside your scrotum

You're 'bout to pay copyright for all the styles you have borrowed

Recite these hymns while we just cry on your sorrow

Gets blasted like space devices, I'm twice as nice kids

While your heart felt words that be shit like stock markets

Manufacturing offerings of bona fide bullshit

Be like when a needle skips



Here comes disorder

[All 3 MCs recite their verse simutaneously]

[All 3 MCs]

Now ask yourself who's top billing with the villians

Crossing niggas out like crucifix, the mix makes the killing

Report weaponry from the aresenal

Will lead to evolutionary skills while your thoughts are still primal


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