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Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Of Gorgons Spawned Through Withcraft (Naglfar  ) 
Of Greetings And Goodbyes (A.F.I.  ) 
Of Hells Fire (Marduk  ) 
Of Hope And Despair (The Crash  ) 
Oficial Exist (Zob  ) 
Oficial Imi Merge Bine (Simplu  ) 
O Filho Predileto Do Rajneesh (Pato Fu  ) 
Of Information & Belief (June Of 44  ) 
Of Lapses In Judgement And The Heartache That Follows (A Place Tomorrow  ) 
Of Life And Death (Anasarca  ) 
Of Light And Shade (Extol  ) 
Of Lost Desires (Canaan  ) 
Of Love And Colors (Lisa Germano  ) 
Of Man (Son Of Sam  ) 
Of Martyrs And Men (Immolation  ) 
Of Me... Nobody Is Safe (Ion Dissonance  ) 
Of Menstrual Blood And (Akercocke  ) 
Of Mercury And Mercury (Melechesh  ) 
Of Mice And Men (Megadeth  ) 
Of Mind And Matter (Lagwagon  ) 
Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives (Pedro The Lion  ) 
Of Mist And Midnight Skies (Cradle Of Filth  ) 
Of Montreal (The Stills  ) 
Of Moon, Blood, Dream And Me (Vader  ) 
Of Moondrop Tears (Autumn  ) 
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters (MGMT  ) 
Of Murder And Misfortune (Morgul  ) 
Of Nails And Sinners (Arcturus  ) 
Of Niet Soms (Alexander Curly  ) 
Of Of (Gulsen  ) 
Of One Blood (Shadows Fall  ) 
Of Orcs And Elves (Battlelore  ) 
O Fortuna (Carl Orff  ) 
O Fortuna (Therion  ) 
O Fortuna (Apocalyptica  ) 
O Fortuna (Karl Hoff  ) 
Of Power (Son Of Sam  ) 
Of Predators And Preys (Alghazanth  ) 
Of Pressure (Mirah  ) 
Of Prometheus And The Crucifix (Trivium  ) 
Of Rage And War (Savatage  ) 
Of R*d*h*d (2+2=5) (DAAU  ) 
Of Sacrifice, Loss And Reward (Kiuas  ) 
Of Sand And Sulfer (Blood Has Been Shed  ) 
Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be (Dark Millennium  ) 
Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality (Behemoth  ) 
Of Sins And Shadows (Symphony X  ) 
Of Sorrow Blue (Forest Of Shadows  ) 
Of Spears And Horns (Arghoslent  ) 
Of Steel And Ancient Might (Stormlord  ) 
Of Stone, Wind And Pillor (Agalloch  ) 

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