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Friday, 22 September 2017
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Nokturnal Mortum - Songtexte

To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire - Album

On The Moonlight Path

Go away day, give everything to the queen of the night laying in the cold land and waiting for the full-moon (to come). I see the leaving of life as a sweet dream. My way is stretching into the abyss of eternity. I don't try to hold for this life, it's damned by me, and the spirit of Carpathians call my black soul to the moonlight path. The dawn - the dusk. The cycle is over for me. The sun is twisted by the soars and it's painful for me to look at it. Oh! My sweet queen of the night you gave me the sence of life you gave me my eternal pleasure. I acquired the true vampiric art. I'm on the moonlight path. Hey stars! Greet me! Do you hear me... the moon! The tombstones are singing to me and the throne of the damned belongs to death. I celebrate the great joy together with the wolves. I dance inside the circle of snakes and marsh of reptiles. I'm indifferent to everything because I choose my path. Blood! I swallow it. It spreads inside of me like bitterness and indifference in the world of true lies. I was ruined and humiliated in a world where I've been misunderstood. Through my teeth I talk about revenge. The world will remember my name. The moonlight path that takes my soul. I'll take these useless souls one by one. Your temples will burn like candles, the children and your women will moan with pain. Your houses will hide in blood by which I'll wash my face playing with the moonrays on my path; on my moonlight path. I scorn you sheep. I scorn your flock. To be your shepherd is my fate. Bringing your souls for the sacrifice to my God. I'll feed the wolves by your mortal bodies. Death and chaos - all will be here, and nobody else will see the day and the sun (again). Therefore, I'm on the moonlight path. Oh! World! I'll dance on your grave.

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