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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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Michelle Tumes - Songtexte

Listen - Album

Untame Lion

I love an untame lion.

He's calling me to come.

My cold heart, how it hesitates.

I want to turn and run.

His power is dangerous.

His power is endless love.

I love an untame lion.

He's broken every chain.

I'm free now how can I resist?

His voice sings out my name.


He's calling me

to a place where love's the only song.

He's calling me

to a place where night will dance.

With endless dawn dancing on and on and on.

I try to hide in sleeping.

His music fills my dreams.

I'm filled with longing for a place;

a place I've never seen.

He's calling, I want him so.

He's calling, I can't let go.

Repeat Chorus

Shadows falling, His voice is calling

Golden as the sun.

It is morning without warning,

I fall into his love.

Repeat Chorus

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