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Monday, 25 September 2017
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Michelle Tumes - Songtexte

Listen - Album

Life Is Beautiful

There was a young girl long ago

who lived a peaceful life untold.

She understood that love was everything.

A jungle took her far away

where her daddy worked, and she would play

with friends who taught her how to be a lady.

She had no rings on her fingers.

She had diamonds in her eyes.

She had no money to be reckoned with.

She had love within her life.

And I heard her singing.


Wouldn't you say

Wouldn't you say

Wouldn't you say

that life is beautiful?

She sang of things that pleased her soul.

She questioned life, and made it known.

She stored her knowledge deep inside her mind.

She had no mansion on a hillside.

She had castles in the sky.

She had no gold for inheritance.

She had time on her side.

And I heard her singing.

Repeat Chorus

And as the years go by,

that peaceful girl was I.

And I'm still singing.

Repeat Chorus

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