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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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KRU - Songtexte

Krumania - Album

E'nuff Eez E'nuff

Yo! check, check y'all one, two, three

And i won't bother you if you don't bother me

I'm rapping up the rhyme like smooth poetry

With the funk in the tongue, asian punks will get you stung like a bee...

I started with a loop, then a shoop, damn i'll shoot

With hip hop, i pump up, pump up, i'll never stop

It's time to get rough, gov, had enough of sucking up

To the big fat bum, listen up here i come

Dickie dickie ho! dickie dickie dickie ho!

Dickie dickie ho! dickie dickie dickie dictate...

Never can stand of the damn man hypocrite

Heck tried to be nice though "We hated it"

Yeah we're cruising down now and we're up with a roar

It's time for hardcore, time to level the score

Ain't no rebellious act, just trying to straight out the fact

Had enough of the crap and hommies don't take that


Enough is enough is...is enough

Enough is enough is...is enough

Enough is enough is...is enough

Enough is enough is enough is enough

(are we gonne get some serious rapping in here?)

Yo! i'm loaded up son for the second episode

So try to take note what i quote, vote

Power to the people and full democracy

Nobody can decide what i can hear or see

I'm rapping up hard, yeah i admit it baby

Ain't down with the clowning around, soft and sissy

Try to make a buck, fooling all the kiddies

Maximum disgrace to the "Rappers Society"

Back to the subject, hip hop and new jack

Another day, another rapper, another concept

So, what? you can call it what you want it to be

But stop shooting me down, we're all the same you see

Bros and sisters shaking to the boogie woogie

Ain't taking no more bull, yeah that's right y'all baby

O.G. ain't down with that bad mouth crap

Cause enough is enough and hommies don't take that

repeat chorus

Run, run, run unless you dare to confront

Next on the hit list i am never missed

Hit in between the eyes with a real hard one

But i, son show them how it's done

I'm a straight hype rapper, ain't like no other

Ain't doing drugs, no booze without a doubt

Never make a verdict just by the way the buddy look

But i'm booked, and cooked like a crook uhh...

Ram a with a bang with the asian punks

When i'm kicking out the strength and a wham bam

Thank you, ma'am

The final check on the mic, mack

Cause enough is enough and hommies don't take that crap

repeat chorus

Ahh yeah...this one's dedicated the hardcore rap

Brothers and sisters who's been hanging tough when the times are hard...

You know what i'm saying...

A special shout for y'all for sticking together

And lets hopr that we'll get more respect...

The respect that we deserve...peace!

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