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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Desaparecidos - Songtexte

Read Music/Speak Spanish - Album


propped up at the pulpit

a speech to please the poles

with coca-cola trickling down my throat

well would you save all of your bottles if I promised a refund?

its gonna come I swear I swear I, I swear I swear that it is

if you've got a special interest

there is influence I could sell

just like water takes the shape of where it's held

I'm overflowing with ambition, but I got to keep in mind

the bottom line... is the dollar signs

and big bright lights INEQUALITY FRANCHISED

the next location is mine

we're gonna lower costs

it's a work of art: our giant golden arch

I'm gonna start a factory the size of a country

I'm gonna teach them all to work for liberty

oh but I'm not one for handouts, no they got to pay their dues:

they can make our shoes

and then we'll walk on you

always on the move-we heard that business will boom if some people are removed

I know there's all-body types but we have just one size

I don't care if its right

it's the dollar signs!

and the big bright lights INEQUALITY FRANCHISED

every location is mine

you just do your part, form a line lets march under the golden arch..

March! March! March! March!!!

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