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Tuesday, 22 May 2018
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Dance In The Circle (Heather Alexander  ) 
Dance In The Circle (Patricia Vonne  ) 
Dance In The Dark (Mark Koselek  ) 
Dance In The Rain (Lolly  ) 
Dance In The Starlight (Axxis  ) 
Dance Into The Light (Phil Collins  ) 
Dance Into The Night (The View  ) 
Dance Like An African (Bea Sisters  ) 
Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (featuring Randy Jackson) (The Brothers Johnson  ) 
Dance Like This (Wyclef Jean Featuring Claudette  ) 
Dance Little Jean (Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra  ) 
Dance Little Lady Dance (Tina Charles  ) 
Dance Little Liar (Arctic Monkeys  ) 
Dance Little Rude Boy  (Ian Dury And The Blockheads  ) 
Dance Little Sister (The Rolling Stones  ) 
Dance Little Sister (Terence Trent D'Arby  ) 
Dance Macabre (Decapitated  ) 
Dance Macabre (Willem Vermandere  ) 
Dance Macabre (Confessions Of Obscurity  ) 
Dance Machine (Fattern  ) 
Dance Me In (Sons And Daughters  ) 
Dance Me Love (Silje Nergaard  ) 
Dance Mephisto (Falco  ) 
Dance Me To The End Of Love (Leonard Cohen  ) 
Dance Me To The End Of Love (Madeleine Peyroux  ) 
Dance Monkey (Sage Francis  ) 
Dance Motherfucker Dance (Violent Femmes  ) 
Dance Music (The Mountain Goats  ) 
Dance Naked (John Mellencamp  ) 
Dance Of Death (Iron Maiden  ) 
Dance Of Eternity (Dream Theater  ) 
Dance Of Fate (Epica  ) 
Dance Of Fools (Shadow Gallery  ) 
Dance Of Hecate (Stormlord  ) 
Dance Of Love (Nylons  ) 
Dance Of Madness (Viper  ) 
Dance Of Mortal Lust (Windir  ) 
Dance Of Red Nails (Massemord  ) 
Dance Of Stars (Sky Lark  ) 
Dance Of The Cucumber (Veggie Tales  ) 
Dance Of The Demons (intro) (A Jealousy Issue  ) 
Dance Of The Dragon King (Spiritual Beggars  ) 
Dance Of The Manatee (Fair To Midland  ) 
Dance Of The Screamers (Ian Dury And The Blockheads   ) 
Dance Of The Seven Veils (Liz Phair  ) 
Dance Of The Waiting (Soraya  ) 
Dance Of The Wasp (Magica  ) 
Dance Of The Water (Kalmah  ) 
Dance Of The Wicked (Sister Sin  ) 
Dance Of Tragedy (Niobeth  ) 
Dance On (Prince  ) 

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