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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Cam'ron - Songtexte

Sport Drugs And Entertainment - Album

D'rugs 2

I'm back on the street wit' heat, oh glorious hood

Only two months in, Damn my lawyers good

Ten bricks and a body that's lickin rich

Tell the DA, fly fuckin' witnesses

Sittin' in the cell, I could just vomit

That's word to Elaja Mohammed, became wiser the prophet

Gods not I, I time my guy, I don't hate to see the boys

(Why)cuz the tapes can be destroyed

They on the beat walkin, in my socks searchin me

It's not hurtin me, most cops work for me

Yo where Qweed, what up ma huh what

where D at, damn yo we need that

Yo yo, my earnin' in question, I'm burnin' and sweatin'

You knowin' jail turn me depressant, I ain't learnin my lesson

You just a dumb spouse, I ain't gone run him out

I know where to find D rugs over Un's house


Get the Fuck off me, I'm goin to Un house

Get the fuck off me

Verse 2:

Yo, I knocked on the door, yo yo how it's lookin Un

You seen d rugs, yeah I was cookin him

I ran to the kitchen, Oh my God damn look at him

What's the problem with him Un, yo he lookin slim

What you ain't feed him right, what's wrong he ain't eatin right

You fuckin wit' him that's why you sneezin' right

What you mean duke, wit' d rugs ya ass will get a mean tooth

You lookin like a fiend to

But he made me cheddar, I'll take him to the death wit' me

He felt the same, so the nigga left wit me

Now we back, and dealin' in hoods

Reunited and it feel so good

Fiends comin thru in fleeces and sweaters,

Increasin my cheddar Happy just to see us together

Now we round up new click, competition too sick

D rugs left blue six, woooo shit

Verse 3:

It's like I'm born to rock on the block, still clockin

Me and D rugs hug but they still watchin, Lil hot chick

She said man keep them mills poppin,

The only way to keep you in they got to kill Cochran

But he mixed business and pleasure he get to me

And I'm a Geto Boy my mind playin tricks on me

Optional, ay yo he still fuck wit ya moms

Naw man that's impossible, Yo I heard she left the hospital

So I stepped to 'em both, needless to lie

My mother told me naw Cam chill he was prescribed

She got to take him twice a day to keep her alive

And I'm sittin' here shocked yo, rain don't stop yo

What's that the lots yo, who that the cops yo

Female Tahoe, connect wit the Brosco

Fuck a hard case, I'm from a mob race

Why does this fuckin' feel like the end of Scarface

I'mma sucha sober, flip d rugs up to smell the odor

Told him, he fucked us over

Then popped girl, to my mother, told her I love her

Plugged her, now only God can judge her

Now after this tragedy, d rugs laughed at me

He was here way before, and he'll be here after me

Now here come the cops and the whole fuckin' calvary

Snorted d rugs and had them niggaz blast at me


You can't kill me, I'm a fuckin killa you can't kill me

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