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Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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Caffeine - Songtexte

Cellar Door - Album

The Damage Done

Day after day

The same old story is repeating

Running in circles

Just beeing part of the machine

Twisting and turning

Yet nothing seems to satisfy

This craving inside

For something different

For something pure

Cold and scared

We wait for better days to come

But nothing ever changes

Cold and scared

We don´t realize the damage done

Nothing ever changes

One by one we´ll fall again

Side by side we´ll fall again

We´ve built our own prison

We´ve locked the doors and lost the keys

It could be so easy

Inside this comfortable cage

But it swallows me down

I feel the emptiness consume me

I´m suffocating

This can´t go on

There must be some way out

Look at the damage done

Hollow lives and emtpy dreams

Look to the damage done to us all

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