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Friday, 20 October 2017
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Bruce Dickinson - Songtexte

Skunkworks - Album

R 101

Don't start it, what you say to me and what you see

it's not for sale

I'm a cold starter, don't you hang your hat on my peg pin,

your big red heart on my shirt tail

I'm coldhearted, I'm mean and bad and virtuous

and every bad thing I could ever be

Tried to be careful, say I'd never do that again

It's on the tip of my tounge and sometimes it just falls out wrong

It's not the thing I meant to do

It's not the place I want to be

Guess I'll keep on walking, baby, motion's gonna give me some clue

...of what to do

Can I travel on the sunny side when I think of where to hang my feet

and what to do

You'd better watch out how you drive that thing

Been a long time since the spider's done its dancing in the rain

Tried a little shuffle but I never had the chance to move

Try a different tune

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