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Tuesday, 24 October 2017
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Bone Thugs N Harmony - Songtexte

Strength & Loyalty - Album


[Chorus: repeat 3X]

C-town's how we ride

Chi-town's how we ride

Midwest how we ride

Come see how we ride

[Verse: Twista]

now feel the devistation

and unification of the thugs in the middle of the map

these niggas finna snap

spit it for niggas that bit it

then give them the buisness they gonna feel it when we jack

and be quick with it, be crack

hit it with the lyrical accuracy and harmony I'ma see who

I ain't fuckin' with the Midwest

you could try attackin' me and bombin'

me I'ma be spittin' so fast, they wanna ask how he did that?

Bone Thugs and we gotta spit a hard flow

it's worthy compitition everywhere that I go

but ain't no messin' with cleveland or chicago

Ballin' through the hood in a Murcielago

Or Gallardo, or Ferrari, or Diablo

As long as the car go quick, flow so sick

Thought it was drama between Bone and Twista we do it like this


[Verse: Layzie]

I'm from a place, really ain't safe, Cleveland the birthplace

Midwest niggas, yeah, we stay thirsty

tim's in the winter with the j's in the summer

all four season's we stay workin'

ride with a g'

come and slide with a g'

with the true's on the lac we can ride to the beat

light it up, let it burn when you vibin' with me

gotta keep it real to survive in these streets

come see it for your self how live it can be

been walkin' to the chi back down to the d

michigan, illinois, sho-nuff killa boys

standin' on the corner at 10 degrees

we got pimps, dope pushers, and petty thieves

crooked ass cops won't let me breathe

all my love for the city won't let me leave

what they expect from me?

they want the best from me

they gonna get it, yeah


[Verse: Krayzie]

I think it's time we show them bone, how we ride

and let everyone know just where we come from Midwest bounce

it's that bounce

that make a nigga feel it when he off that ounce

of the mary mary mary jane

we the niggas showin' them different side of thangs

never seen a nigga that switched the rhyme this way

now everybody run and flip they style today

yup it's kinda strange but

a nigga got to give it up to the Midwest

who made 'em pick up the page before they get left

get a little bit of Twista and hit that

roll it up with some bone thug sit back

just feel the vibe

and ya never let a player hater kill ya high

with this shit we be spittin' we gon' steal ya mind

once again it's the Midwest side (West-side)


[Verse: Wish]

you can tell by the way I walk, the way I flow from around here

nigga Midwest where the weed ain't the best but we came up

now we get flew from the West coast, (West coast baby)

we flow fast

so many words in one bar

we spit it, rap it, nigga better go hard

who the underdogs

the West done done it

the East done done it

the South hard

they keep it togather, (together)

on the same level

Midwest got the weapons

it's ours here them thugsta's, no care

we like to fight, (fight)

on the West we get right, (right)

in the East it's about they favorite night

in the South it's whatever ya like


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