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Tuesday, 24 October 2017
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Al B. Sure! - Songtexte

Private Times...And The Whole 9! - Album

Channel J

Aw yeah-now that ain't Al B. Sure!


'Ya know I always see the lady

She drives me crazy all night

Except my baby doesn't know

I need to have that special lady

Channel J might break her heart

If I ever left my baby I'd never be the same

ya' know

Excuse me if I stop to stare at your body

So fly I don't understand

How could one woman be blessed with so much?

Are you single my lady? I'll be your man!

Girl don't make me promises you can't keep

Promises are conferred to fools

Come straight ahead you know the time

It's you on my mind (that one day you'd know)

Hook (repeat)

Dinner for two, no one else me and you

Candlelight makes it right, romance all night

Please let your hair down, take off your heels

I'll massage you...how does it feel?

Girl don't make me waste my time

I won't stop 'til you're mine

I'm trying to see the night when we get it right

Hook (repeat)


Now here comes the man, the man that had the plan

That in one year he would gain a million fans

And if you mapped out how he did

Accomplish and astonish and ground the hearts

of every kid

Yes I've created a realistic mirage in my garage

That one day Chubb would be large

Not large in the sense that I would be immense

But my financial status and my pockets

Would be the fattest around

With a booming sound which bounds

To give Al B. Sure! a royal crown

On his head or his noggin

I don't know how you be loggin' em

Or the simple sound inside your walkman

when jogging

Or toboggan down the hill with a few minutes

to kill

You flip in the tape and just barely escape

The tree in your way and just realize that

Hey you have to be very careful

of the tape that you play

If it's one of mine you have to sit

and relax and max

And prepare to hear funky tracks

So all of you succulent sexy skunk skeezers

step off me

Yo' Al - Kill 'em softly!

Work that body

Hook (repeat)

Just another high phone bill - OK!?

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