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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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112 - Songtexte

Pleasure & Pain - Album

U Already Know


Papa comin' over to give u that raw

Favorite position is from the backdoor

Girl you know the drill don't ask no questions

U already know

-Verse 1-

Tonight's the night girl

I'm trying to give u that thing to make u say

From the kitchen floor down to the fireplace

Incense burning your body is talking that shit to me

Cancel that phone only sound i'm tryin' 2 hear is your moan

you riding topless no panties on

And I've been thinking bout this all day long

If you're givin' me the fire dough

(Chorus 2X)

-Verse 2-

Is your girl shanay home (Yes)

Call her up and tell her its bout to be on (Yes)

Tell her don't show if it ain't heels and thongs (Yes)

I can already see it, oh what a feeling

Just (Yes), you get jealous if I hit that too hard (Yes)

Cuz you come first, you know you're my heart (Yes)

Cuz it will always be yours

Girl I'm bout to turn you out

(Chorus 2X)

-Verse 3-

U know just how I like to see it (U know just how I like to see it)

U know just how I (how I)

U already know

U know I like to go down (I love it when you go down)

And U know I won't stop until you get it

Oh oh, U already know (U already knooow)

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