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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Waylon Jennings - Songtexte

Ain't No God In Mexico - Album

9. Amanda 

Are You Ready For The Country - Album

2. Old Friend 

Closing In On The Fire - Album

Dreaming My Dreams - Album

Greatest Hits & The Essential Waylon Jennings - Album

1. America 

Honky Tonk Heros - Album

2. Black Rose 

I've Always Been Crazy - Album

Never Could Toe the Mark [RCA Victor] (1984) - Album

Never Could Tow The Mark - Album

Right For The Time - Album

1. The Boxer 

The Collection - Album

Too Dumb For New York City Too Ugly For L.A. - Album

Ultimate Waylon - Album

Waymore's Blues (Part II) - Album



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